The is a model Hoverplane, or Wingship, an advanced patented wing-in-surface-effect vessel that combines the best aspects of proven transportation technologies: catamaran, hovercraft, and surface-effect.

This hybrid vessel provides the lowest cost-per-passenger-mile or cost-per-ton-mile marine transportation solution known.

How WISE Works

Surface Effect (a.k.a. Ground Effect)

alters the cross-section of the mass of air being worked upon by the wings, thereby increasing the effective span between the trailing (tip) vortices, increasing the effective aspect ratio, reducing the energy lost to downwash, reducing the lift-dependent drag, and reducing required power.

Large WISE-Ferry Application Market Covering the Marine Transport Gap

On our planet earth there is 75% coverage by water. The demand for faster transportation is burgeoning and the need is tremendous. A very large ideal application area for Ultra-Fast WISE-Ferries exists. Beyond the range that conventional Ferry Boats or even Fast-Ferries can serve in a reasonable time and Below the distance that airliners can effectively serve. This distance of ~30 miles to ~350+ miles is nearly unserved because it takes too long by surface-borne vessel and it is too expensive by aircraft. *If there are not airports at both ends of the route, the distance for WISE-Ferries is extended. *They require little-to-no infrastructure (ports or airports) which further expands the application flexibility.

Tremendous Market Growth

The Fast-Ferry application range, shown above in dark blue, currently uses ~1234 Fast-Ferry Vessels. Currently it is estimated that this market of Fast-Ferries with more than 25 passengers operating from 25 to 55 knots is over US $450M per year. The Fast-Ferry market is the highest growth aspect of the marine transportation industry. Statistics shown here are derived from Fast Ferries International.

The Progression of Marine Transportation
Slow, Fast, & Ultra-Fast Ferries

Patented Hybrid Design & Ferry Progression: By combining the best features of Catamaran-hulls, Hovercraft-assist, with Wing-In-Surface-Effect, the Hoverplane provides an optimum performance vehicle, both on the water and off the water. This breakthrough design allows ultimate efficiency at all speeds, reduces the engine size, power requirements, and take-off distance, increases maneuverability, versatility of application, and even allows beaching of the vessel. All of these advantages make the hybrid Hoverplane the best vehicle for most marine transportation.

Displacement > Planing > Hydrofoils > Hovercraft > WISE-VESSELS
Increasing Speed and Efficiency
Note: Seaplane is not classified as a marine vessel, all others are.

Ferry Speeds

Most ferries are quite slow and used primarily for relatively short routes of less than 12 miles. We’re not talking about those ferries. Currently, there are just over 1,200 Fast-Ferries operating at speeds from 25 to ~50+ mph on intermediate-range routes. Fast Ferries are classified as more than 25 people and more than 25 knots.

Ultra-Fast WISE-Ferries operate in ‘flight-mode’ from 50 to 250+ mph, safely and efficiently. Their high operations speed provides longer distance application, higher service frequency and greater route flexibility, all leading to dramatically improved revenue production compared to surface-borne vessels. The Hoverplane WISE-Vessels provide the lowest cost-per-passenger-mile or cost-per-ton-mile marine transport solution known.

Fast Efficiency

This chart shows the efficiency advantages of WISE-Vessels compared to conventional ferries, fast-ferries, sea-planes, speed boats, airplanes and hovercrafts. The Hoverplane uses the best features from proven transportation technologies for optimum performance at all speeds. The Hoverplane WISE-Vessels provide the lowest cost-per-passenger-mile or cost-per-ton-mile marine transport solution known.

The Hoverplane hybrid WISE-Vessel
has the lowest drag at any speed.

The HoverWingShip
Ultra-Fast WISE-Ferry

Projected Specifications

Hoverplane Model HP-6 HP-20 HP-49 HP-149
Passenger Seats (+ captain & crew) 6 20 49 149
Length LOA (ft.) 36 75 145 195
Main Wingspan (ft.) 26 60 110 150
Flight Elevation (ft.) 3-8 6-15 12-20 16-40
Useful Load (lb.) 1,600 5,000 18,400 35,200
Gross Weight (lb.) 4,100 12,500 46,000 90,000
Power Plant (hp) 300 750 1600 3,000
Fuel Capacity (gals) 70 200 400 1,000
Lift. Off Speed (mph) 50 70 80 90
Cruise Speed (mph) 90 110 160 280
Max. Speed (mph) 120 160 200 350
Projected Price* (000) $250 $700 $1,750 $5,250

Standard Equipment Package

Construction Propulsion System Electrical System ( Controls
Carbon fiber epoxy resin *Two piston engines Customer specified radio, GPS, integrated electronics Throttle
Kevlar in impact areas Two flex-hull fuel tanks Circuit breaker protected Rudders
Plexiglass windows Fuel Selector/off valves Navigation lights Yoke-integrated flight surfaces
Aircraft steel power pylon Electric sending units Cabin & Console lights Forward-looking radar

The Hoverplane from WISEship, International is the Advanced-Hybrid WISE-Vessel that combines only the best aspects of Proven Transportation Technologies: Catamaran Hulls, Hovercraft Assist, and WISE-Vessel Flight.

“Any talk about the future has to include a paragraph on WIGs. To those of you who have had any exposure to Wing In Ground Effect craft, the advantages of these vessels are totally clear. The WIG represents the ultimate fast vessel. I have absolutely no doubt that by early in the next century they will be common place. They are able to provide high speed, comfort and, above all else, efficiency that cannot be touched by any other form of high speed transportation. There is no doubt that, whatever else, the future lies with such craft.”

Max Martin, in closing his presentation at the 9th High Speed Surface Craft Conference in Singapore in 1993. Max Martin was a well respected marine transportation industry figure who operated International Maritime Advisory Services


The Company is formally organized and prepared for a rapid and effective ascent to become the market leader as a successful designer, licenser, producer and marketer of advanced WISE-Vehicles. As in any company, beyond product technology and market, the foundation of a successful business depends on having a solid management team, such as outlined here. Several other specialty team members are already identified and prepared to assume responsibility as needed.

William J. Greene, Founding Director & President

Mr. Greene has 27 years experience in industrial high-technology systems sales and market development, including 6 years in the aerospace industry where, as National Sales Manager with CIMCORP, he quadrupled annual sales to $22M. He has led the market introduction and business development efforts of several industrial high-tech companies, with both Fortune 100 industry leaders and new-tech start-ups. Mr. Greene held positions of new business development responsibility with many companies, including 2 years as Strategic Sales Director with Litton Industries. Now he provides the primary drive for the Company team. He has strong experience in high level capital equipment sales, strategic marketing, sales management, team leadership and international trade in the global marketplace.

Bill Greene


WISEship, International is currently seeking additional capital investment to fund the completion and US Coast Guard certification of the Hoverplane Advanced Hybrid WISE-Vessel demonstration unit. Of course, we are also interested in strategic alliances, advance orders, and all manner of other participation by parties wanting to contribute to our exciting project and growing company. The Company is offering common stock equity to qualified private investors who choose to get involved in the project and forecasts a very lucrative ultimate return with a variety of conversion options.

If you would like to participate in this exciting opportunity and desire discussions on this topic, please contact William J. Greene, President:

Phone: 561.775.7911
Email: Info@WISEship.biz

WISEship, International
PO Box 30325
Palm Beach Gardens FL 33420 USA


WISEship, International is currently seeking additional technical resources to assist with the detail engineering design and actual fabrication of the Hoverplane-7 Demonstration Vessel. Composite Engineers, Structural Engineers, Control System Engineers, etc. If interested apply by email, regular mail, or telephone.

If you would like to participate in this exciting opportunity and desire discussions on this topic, please contact William J. Greene, Founding Director:

Phone: 561.775.7911
Email: Info@WISEship.biz

WISEship, International
PO Box 30325
Palm Beach Gardens FL 33420 USA


Wingship, Inc. is getting terrific publicity! We’ve been featured in: Fast Ferries International, Boat International, London Sunday Times, Marine Engineers Review, Daily Business Review, Pilot Magazine, and Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

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