Bill Greene

Bill Greene


A consummate business professional with a vision for the future, Bill Greene is a focused and driven leader with innate leadership skills and a passion for excellence.

An active participant in numerous start-ups, Bill has learned how to sort through ideas, beliefs, and facts to find solutions to complex business issues. The paths he creates through the business jungle are clearly marked, well-defined, and completely reliable. Those who follow him find his guidance and leadership to be concise and accessible.


No endeavor is too big or small.


Using 21st century 3D scanning, we measure objects to millionths of an inch, then perform comparisons and analysis to find the cause of physical product failure.

Led by Bill Greene as Managing Director and Engineer, and supported by our team’s unrivaled credentials in dimensional quality inspection, we stand ready to provide neutral, objective, readily-understandable and high-persuasive dimensional quality analysis and product failure investigation.

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The Wingship is an advanced and patented wing-in-surface-effect vessel that combines the best aspects of proven transportation technologies:
catamaran, hovercraft, & surface-effect.

This hybrid vessel provides the lowest cost-per-passenger-mile or cost-per-ton-mile marine transportation solution known.

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