We were featured in the August issues of Boat International, which is a high-end luxury yacht publication from London and also had a half-page spread in the London Sunday Times. Both of these positive exposures have lead to many inquiries from around the world, for customers, licensees, and boat brokers who found our story very intriguing. We continue to get weekly inquiries from this website, which is serving us quite well.

While the demonstration craft is entering construction in our Florida shop, we are currently getting ready for the licensing aspect of our business plan and preparing a formal licensing agreement for our near future use. This is one of the most exciting aspects of our business plan and it is likely to generate revenue soon.

Our recent major industry conference presentation was in December, we went to London England to make a formal presentation at the Royal Institute of Naval Architects Conference. We were very positively received and respectfully recognized as a leader in the field with one of the best designs ever. Text of the presented paper follows on this page. The world is finding out about us more each day and that is only raising our value and our profit potential with each successive positive exposure.

Thank you for your continued interest and potential participation in our thrilling company. We will do our best to continue to keep you appraised of our progress and prospects for profitable growth as time goes on.